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Ansell 1500 Plus AlphaTec Coverall (Model 111)

Ansell 1500 Plus AlphaTec Coverall (Model 111)

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Introducing the AlphaTec™ 1500 Plus Stitched Model 111 by Ansell, a remarkable protective garment designed to safeguard you in demanding industrial environments. This cutting-edge suit combines exceptional durability with enhanced comfort to provide superior protection against a wide range of hazards. The AlphaTec™ 1500 Plus Stitched Model 111 features high-strength stitching that ensures longevity, while its lightweight and breathable fabric offer unrestricted movement and reduced heat stress. With its robust construction and innovative design, this garment offers reliable protection against chemical splashes, particulates, and liquid penetration, making it an ideal choice for workers in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories.
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