About Us

Kewalson is a true partner in your safety goals.

Standing on the four pillars of Authenticity, Reliability, Quality, and Service, Our mission is to provide a Safe and Protected World so that you are served even during uncertainties.


Our Story

Kewalson was set up in 1974 with the sole purpose of providing safety equipment to industrial workers in mind. It is the mission of the firm to supply a complete range of safety solutions for workers to protect themselves in any environment.

We have worked with numerous industrial organizations, ranging from government undertakings, infrastructure contractors, public and private companies to small and medium enterprises. Over the years, we have also tied up with various national and international manufacturers to develop a genuine and value-for-money range of products. To further our goal to provide the best customer service, we have set up branches in various cities in North India. It has greatly reduced response time and delivery time by creating infrastructure closer to our customers’ doorstep.