Site Survey

Site Survey

At Kewalson, we fully appreciate and understand the fact that safety at the workplace is a lot more than top-notch equipment; it's about making sure you are armed with the right kind of tools and knowledge to help create the best and secure environment. Our Walkthrough Survey service encompasses a meticulous and comprehensive survey of your site or plant for any possible hazards to provide you with the most appropriate and tailor-made occupational safety solutions meant for you. We are partnered with world-class manufacturers in Occupational Safety to leverage their technologies and expertise.

360 Degree Hazard Assessment

Detailed Inspection
Our experts, along with specialists from our partner manufacturers, conduct thorough on-site inspections to identify potential safety risks in your workplace.
Risk Analysis
We evaluate the identified hazards to determine their potential impact and the likelihood of incidents, helping to plan and prioritize safety measures.
Customized Safety Recommendations
Based on our assessment, we provide a detailed report recommending the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety solutions that align with your unique operational needs.
Expertise and Insights
Drawing on our extensive experience and the latest innovations in Safety, our team offers insights into the most effective strategies for hazard prevention and control. This collaborative approach ensures that not only are the immediate risks addressed but also that a long-term safety strategy is implemented.

Benefits of Walkthrough Surveys

Peace of Mind
With a professional hazard assessment conducted in partnership with global leaders in safety, you gain the confidence that your safety practices are up to date and your workers are protected.
Targeted Solutions
By understanding the specific challenges of your site, we can recommend safety solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient.
Compliance and Safety
Our recommendations help ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards, reducing the risk of penalties and enhancing worker safety.

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