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3M 9332 Aura FFP3 Valved Respirator

3M 9332 Aura FFP3 Valved Respirator

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The 3M™ Aura™ 9300+ Series Disposable Respirator 9332+ gives ease-of-use and style without trading off execution. It includes an embellished top board that decreases the misting of eyewear from warm, sodden breathed out air. Secures against cleans and fogs found in a wide assortment of mechanical applications and other work circumstances requiring FFP3 insurance. 

  • Low breathing opposition channel innovation: Gives compelling channel execution while bringing obstruction down to breathing, Improved breathing straightforwardness and comfortIngenious 
  • Emblazoned Top Panel limits stream of warm, sodden air 
  • Forms into an assortment of shapes and sizes 
  • Etched upper board adjusts to the nose and forms of the face for a successful seal
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