Meet Our Leadership

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Our Team at Kewalson is the most important aspect of our success. Every pillar represents decades of industry experience and a time-tested dedication to occupational safety. Our leaders’ experiences bring together an eclectic range of skills, viewpoints, and backgrounds that keep us at the forefront of safety solutions. In addition, their strategic vision and commitment are driving our organizational expansion while also maintaining a culture of honesty and genuine concern for clients. Under their leadership, Kewalson ensures we offer top-of-the-range safety equipment and customer service to all clients.

Meet Our Leadership


Amit Grover

Head of Sales and Marketing

Amit Grover brings over 30 years of dedication to drive the company’s growth through strategic marketing and sales leadership.


Akhil Gupta

Head of Administration

Akhil Gupta, serving as the Head of Administration, leverages his extensive 25-year tenure to ensure organizational efficiency and administrative strategies at Kewalson.

Meet Our Team


Sumit Tiwari

Branch Manager – Gurgaon

Sumit Tiwari expertly coordinates operations and client relationships, driving success with dynamic leadership.


R.B. Sharma

Branch Manager – Chandigarh

At the helm of Kewalson’s Chandigarh branch, R.B. Sharma is known for his strategic oversight and commitment to excellence, ensuring top-notch service delivery.


Nimit Gupta

Branch Manager – Jaipur

Leading Kewalson’s Jaipur branch, Nimit Gupta combines industry knowledge with managerial acumen to enhance both team performance and customer satisfaction.


Praveen Sharma

Branch Manager – Haridwar

Praveen Sharma’s effective management style and deep understanding of local market dynamics play a pivotal role in leading his team deliver success.


Rajeev Verm

Branch Manager – Rudrapur

Rajeev Verma oversees Kewalson’s Rudrapur branch with a focus on operational efficiency and innovative customer solutions, fostering growth and strong client partnerships.